If you have a colleague or provider who has content to add to your Trip, they can collaborate with you from within the Trip Publisher, even if they have not signed up for Umapped yet. 

  • Note: Travellers have the option to collaborate using the Traveller Collaboration feature; please do not add your Travellers as Collaborators.

1. Share PDF Itinerary

  • If you're just looking to share with others without allowing for interactive collaboration, you can share your PDF link using the Preview feature.
  • Click the Preview icon and select PDF.

2. Invite Collaborators 

  • To invite another Travel Advisor to Collaborate on a Trip, click the Share icon and select Collaborators

  • Click Add Collaborator to add by email or Umapped username. 

  • Your Collaborators do not have to be existing Trip Publisher subscribers to Collaborate on your Trip; when you invite them to review or contribute they will receive an email from Umapped with instructions on how to sign up for a free trial. Once they sign up, they will be able to view and (if applicable) edit your Trip.

  • Be careful to select which access level you want your Collaborator to have. These can vary between Collaborators. 
    • Review only Collaborators will only be able to view your Trip.
    • Contribute Collaborators will be able to add new components or segments within your Trip.
    • Contribute, Publish, and Invite Collaborators will be able to add new components or segments, Publish your trip to Travellers, and add new Travellers.
    • Full Access Collaborators will be able to do all of the above, plus remove or edit existing segments or components.
  • You can remove or adjust access at any time by clicking the Options icon (three vertical dots) to the right of any collaborator name. You can also use this to view their Email log and see if they have opened your email and/or clicked on the link.

3. Co-branding

  • You can choose to include your Collaborator's Company name and logo on your Trip itinerary.
  • Click Trip Settings.
  • If you have added Collaborators, you will have the option to allow their Company name and logo to be visible on your itinerary. You can also opt to give your Collaborator the primary branding position.

  • If you have selected Show for your Collaborator's branding, it will appear under your own. 
  • Contact details will not be included but can be added as a Note anywhere in your Trip.
    • To show Collaborator contact details, your Collaborator will have to Re-Publish the Trip.