Umapped’s integration with WCities allows you to easily add their Destination Content to your Trip.

1. From within a Trip, click Destination Content, then select WCities Guides.

2. To search for a City Guide, select a city from the drop-down menu, or click Search By City Name to type in a different city.

  • Note: Choose a Source from the dropdown menu to refine your search.

3. When you’ve located the City Guide, check the box to the right, click Add To Trip, and select the Date to which you’d like to attach the booking.

4. The Destination Guide will now appear in your Trip on the selected date.

  • Note: Click View Details and select the Calendar Icon to change where the Destination Content will appear in your Trip.

WCities’ Destination Content provides Travellers with relevant city information and travel info at the click of a button.