Documents are collections of text and image content you can save to your Library in Trip Publisher. They can include anything from destination guides to agency terms and conditions. If you haven't yet added any Documents to your Library, click here to learn how.

1. To add a Document to your Trip, click Documents on the left, then under Content from Library, click Add Document.

2. Search your Library by keyword, select the Document(s) you wish to add, then click Add Document.

If you have added a PDF or Word document to a Document Page in your Library, you can add that File as a supporting Document in a Trip

1. After adding your Document to a Page, go into your Trip and select Documents. Click on File Attachments and then select Search Library

2. Enter the name of your Page into the search bar to add the File in that Page as a supporting Document 

Your custom Document(s) will now appear under the Documents tab in your clients' Web View and mobile app.

You can also download a PDF version of any Document you create in Umapped, by navigating to it in your Library and clicking Download PDF.

You can also choose to add one or more Pages from a Document to your Trip. Click here to learn how.