Tags and Tag Groups enable you to easily categorize and search your Templates; they also enable you to collect valuable insights on top-selling Trips. 

Assigning Tags and Tag Groups to your Templates allows you to:

  • Organize your Templates across 5 Tag Categories: Amenities, Destination, Price, Experience, and Trip Type

  • Quickly search and find Templates relevant to your clients’ travel interests

  • Review and assess what destinations, features, or price points are winning with your clients

  • Promote Templates that you want your advisors to sell (For Admin Users)

Creating tags and tag groups allows you to tag a template. By tagging Templates, it is easier to sort and search the multiple Templates. Note that only Company Administrators have the ability to create, edit, delete tags and tag groups.

You can create both Tags and Tag Groups in Tags.

There are five Tag Categories: AmenitiesDestinationExperiences, Price and Trip Type. By selecting a Tag Category, you can filter the search results from within each category. Tags will be displayed under the related category.

Within the Tag Categories, apart from Price and Trip Type, Tag Attributes can be added to Tags or Tag Groups. Tag Attributes allow you to add more description to your Tags and/or Tag Groups.